Manual Ordering International Politics: Identity, Crisis and Representational Force

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She has been teaching in the program since and currently teaches courses in global political economy, economics for public policy, political economy of development, corruption, and comparative democracies.

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She received an Excellent in Teaching Award in Her research and writing take an interdisciplinary approach that combines political science and economic perspectives and tools. She is currently examining the role of epistemic communities on policy outcomes, specifically in the area of development aid and corruption. Thomas T. Distinguished Professor and the Donald A. All Rights Reserved.

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Publications Pages Publications Pages. The arguments are convincing, not least because the author later backs them up with extensive empirical evidence. In fact, that is the core contribution of this book: it represents an innovative and sophisticated theoretical exploration of the links between identity and order, backed up by an unusually thorough empirical case-study.

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The author shows most sympathy with constructivist positions, although she finds mainstream versions of constructivism deficient on various grounds. Most notably this is found in their inability to recognise identity as an actual source of order. The respective analyses of different narratives relies on Lyotard, and also more generally on Wittgenstein, in suggesting a theory that views identity as a socio- linguistic category, rather then as a mere social construct. Throughout the book, but most notably in the second part, Bially Mattern offers an extensive and thorough analysis of the Suez Crisis.

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She employs a range of primary materials to great effect, demonstrating the persuasiveness of the theoretical perspectives sketched out in the earlier chapters. In subsequent Downloaded from mil. Although focusing on a now long-past historical event the Suez Crisis the author nevertheless manages to derive insights that are relevant far beyond the specific case-study.

Just as in , disputes over how to handle the recent Iraq crisis led to a certain break-down in traditional security relationships, most notably between the US and some of its European allies such as Germany and France.

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Ordering International Politics allows us to recognise these and other important political trends in a way that conventional analyses of order and political crisis have proved unable to manage. Influenced by the heroic period of the late s, Inayatullah and Blaney argue that IR is the most appropriate sub-field within political science to account for the problem of difference.

The authors eschew foundational contentions of mainstream international theories Downloaded from mil. Drawing on the political philosophy of Lyotard and through an empirical examination of the Anglo-American international order during the Suez Crisis, Bially Mattern demonstrates that states can and do use representational force--a forceful but non-physical form of power exercised through language--to stabilize international identity and in turn international order.

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Ordering international politics : identity, crisis, and representational force

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