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The problem becomes very important first of all when minor modifications of input parameters or application of different models of the phenomenon lead to a fundamentally different answer to the question posed by the court. The aim of the paper was to prove the necessity of including the problem of uncertainty in calculations related to vehicle collision mechanics and to justify the application of different error analysis methods recommendable in vehicle collision reconstruction. The data file from crash test No.

Burg, M.

Lindenmann, Unfallversuche, Verlag Information Ambs, Kippenheim, ] was used, the selection restricted to the range typical of average police records of collision place. Collision speeds were calculated using two methods: reconstruction and simulation. Online since:. June Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Numerical Characterization and Validation of Vehicle Collisions.

Abstract: In the recent years the road accident analysis has been one of the main fields of research for automotive engineering, because of the heavy costs which Europe has to sustain each year in terms of injuries, fatalities and related costs. In this paper, starting from an impulsive model available in literature, a numerical characterization of vehicle collisions and deformation process is proposed and validated, identifying the main parameters which describe the vehicle impact behaviour. The study, conducted by using both empirical and numerical data simulated trough Ls- Dyna , analyses the impact process by considering several situations, with different severity and geometry of impact; furthermore, with reference to the main parameters which describe the vehicle behaviour in the impact, the authors present a wide analysis, classified according to the severity of impact and to the different parts of the vehicle structure which absorb the impact energy.

Abstract: The body heat transfer coefficient of a railway vehicle is an essential parameter for designing vehicle.

The proposed method in this paper could be used to simulate the test conditions of body heat transfer coefficient of a railway vehicle. The simulated object was a middle of high speed train and the numerical simulation was two-dimensional due to the limitation of RAM capacity of PC computers. Simulation results with five different meshing showed body heat transfer coefficient was affected greatly by the amount of grids. Existence of thermal bridge would increase body heat transfer coefficient significantly, which was concluded by the simulation of two models. Three typical cross sections of a middle were used for simulation of the body heat transfer coefficient and the weighted mean value was 1.

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Abstract: The majority of traffic accidents on the highway is rear-end collision. According to statistics about ninety percent rear-end collision can be avoided if there is 1 second pretreatment time for drivers. So it is necessary to develop automotive rear-end collision warning system to prevent the occurrence of accidents. The anti-rear-end collision warning system based on Zigbee technology is designded in this paper. Vehicle speed, acceleration and other traffic information among the nodes can be exchanged on real-time by using self-organizing wireless sensor networks consisted by Zigbee network nodes.

A vehicle safe distance model is established after considered the effects of other traffic safety factors, and then, the actual distance measured by radar is compared with the safe distance so as to provide early warning, alarm and other driving information to drivers.

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The experiment results show that the system can effectively provide early warning, avoid rear-end collision, and improve active safety of vehicles. Abstract: A regenerative braking control strategy and the braking force distribution are putted forward based on the basic theory of automotive brake. The model of vehicle regenerative braking system and simulation under urban driving cycles are carried out taking a certain type of hybrid car as the research object.

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics.

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Dynamic model of tracked vehicle was built in Vortex. Base class of vehicle was secondary developed to apply torque to the sprockets directly. Finally, dynamics model of electric drive tracked vehicle was established.

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The results showed that the vehicle dynamic simulation in Vortex ensures high accuracy and also has a good real-time.